My life at a glanceI am one of those #ActualLivingScientist(s) and I #DressLikeAWoman and I have a non-lab life!

I am a...

SCIENTIST doing awesome research, you can read more about it here.

my very own brain's FMRI
Proper lab attire is a must!
Fly motor neurons
My students: HHMI Disease Hunters
Holding the 1st draft omy PhD thesis
My MGH lab bench
Running A Sequencing Gel
DNA isolation from a whole organ
By a light microscope
My clean bench in Germany
Working at my bench in the US
Ghost Plant
spot the frog- taken in Germany in 2006
I do love the fall in New England
Jellyfish, an all time favourite
Favourite Flower
absolutely no filter, taken with a regular phone
Raspberry has a visitor
Tiny Frog
I do really love fall
Fish traffic vs human traffic
make a wish
Warm coffee at a cold day
tropical trees and 3 of me
Snowshoeing in Canada
Fish says hi to my camera
Horseshoe Bend
Springs: short but beautiful
bioluminescent mushrooms
Einstein Underwater
Otophthalmus viridescens

NATURE-LOVER (underwater & above water) I always strive to keep my footprint small;  I recycle, I compost, I bike.

big time FOODIE. I do farmshare, cook at home and love to eat out.

Turkish Coffee
Beach, beer, camera
Breakfast at home
Turkish beer scene-just catching up
Yum, cocktails!
BBQ in Nashville
Turkish Coffee in Trabzon
Thanksgiving deserts
End of a long long day..
Homemade manti
I think I'm ready for the fall #pumpkinAle
Way to start 2016!
#direngezi #direntektekci
My beloved grandma's coffee cup in the US with me
Jasmine Flower Tea it is!
#Fruit break in #costarica
Meze dish from Turkey
Russian sandwiches have only one layer but delicious as usual
My Guiness Cake with Bailey's cream
Turkish contribution to the _turkey_ day
Halloween Party food from 166 Irving
Best cheese cake design- thanks Mustafa
homemade hard thyme lemonade with #vodka
Midye dolma keyfi
First house party..
Having Girls Over Tonight

 PHOTOGRAPHER and TRAVELER. Road trips, countries, natural parks bring it on!

Costa Rica
3 me(s) at a beach
Cesme, Turkey
Asos, Turkey
more stairs
Give me a child of 7 and I'll give you the man!  #7up
#camden #maine #maidenstrail
Happy 4th of July y'all! #merica
Ayi cikabuluuug! Tas dusebuluggg! #BrownUniversity #BrownBear
#chicago #sfn #chagall
Sunset after a gym session #BrownUniversity #BrownBear
Stained Glass

FRIEND(s) and FAMILY are really important to me.

Utah-Arizona-Nevada RoadTrip
First "traditional" family portrait
College Graduation
Selen and Altar @ college graduation
Family picture in another family pic
Enter Ali: the neighbor
With Altar and Mustafa
The aunt, aka best friend
Ali,Altar, Mustafa becomes T-house
T-house crew
Family Reunion
Leila and Rebecca
Parents at my PhD Graduation
with two of my students
Cypriot Yiannis vs Turkish Asli
Activist Parents
Seeing dad after a long time
The Reenan Lab crew in a formal
Best undergrads ever!
Ruya introduces Aysen
High school dormitory friends

WOMAN, and I do everything like a woman!

Presenting my thesis work in Turkey
Habitat for Humanity
STEM high school students visiting
Zion National Park
Medusa for Halloween
Medusa for Halloween with a REAL snake, 2012 (c) Arthur Sugden
Muddy hiking in Turkey
Angels' Landing
A happy hiking graduate student
More hiking
more hiking
Sea kayaking over a sunken city in Kekova
College Graduation Prom
Kayaking in NYC
driving through a desert
Seeking my rights